Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy in Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Alan Stern is a psychoanalyst and psychotherapist practicing in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, from a home office in a private, natural setting. The office space is located about ten minutes from UNC Hospital and Hwy-54.

Dr. Stern graduated from the UNC-Duke Psychoanalytic Training Program and is certified in Psychoanalysis by the American Psychoanalytic Association. He is a Training and Supervising Psychoanalyst with the Psychoanalytic Certificate Program of the Psychoanalytic Education Center of the Carolinas (PECC).

He has more than 25 years of clinical experience in psychoanalysis, psychotherapy, supervision, consultation, and teaching.

Education and Professional Orientation

I am a contemporary psychoanalyst who practices psychoanalysis and psychotherapy with a strong relational perspective.  Over the years, I have drawn on fields as varied as cognitive-behavioral therapy and Buddhist psychology to better serve patients within the context of therapy.  I feel I have been especially effective working with clients who suffer from the following kinds of problems:

  • Persistent Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Emotional Inhibition in Men
  • Identity and Self-Esteem
  • Sexual Trauma and Abuse


B.A., University of Rochester, 1964, Phi Beta Kappa.

Ph.D., Political Science, Yale University, 1970.

Graduate, Full Clinical Training, University of North Carolina-Duke University Psychoanalytic Training Program, 1986.

Certified by Board of Professional Standards of the American Psychoanalytic Association, 1988.

Professional Activity:

UNC-Duke Psychoanalytic Training Program (now Psychoanalytic Certificate Program, Psychoanalytic Education Center of the Carolinas), Training and Supervising Psychoanalyst, 1993-present.

Director, UNC-Duke Psychoanalytic Training Program, 1998-2001.

President, NC Psychoanalytic Society, 1988-90.

Fellow, Board on Professional Standards, American Psychoanalytic Association, 1995-2005.

Director of Research and Education, Lucy Daniels Foundation, 1989-99.

Secretary, Psychoanalytic Certificate Program, Psychoanaltyic Education Center of the Carolinas, 2008-present.